We Leave Soon

T-minus less than 60 days and counting.

Mother’s gerontologist has given her a clean bill of health to travel.    She can walk, but at 88, stairs, inclines of any kind and distance  are not her friend    We bought her a collapsible transport wheel chair which because of our stint in Germany, she has named Greta.

In London, she named her chair Sarah Jane.   By day #5, the concierge and doormen knew the chair by name.   And one nattily dressed doorman tipped his top hat and asked her, “Will M’Lady require Sarah Jane today?”  They’d actually wrangle it for her.

By the way, Brits LOVE Texans.    Well, Brits of a certain age.    The younger ones barely know what it is, much less where it is,  but older Brits are fascinated.    Guess it’s an oddly protracted holdover from the days of J.R. and Dallas.     They knew we were from Texas the minute we opened our mouths.   Not Atlanta…not North Carolina…Texas, specifically.   From waiters to cabbies to pubtenders.   They nailed our accents each time.

I love England.  I can’t wait to go back.   Why should Meghan Markle have it all to herself?


I’m lucky enough to have been to “The Continent” on several occasions.     The very first time as a child.   I’ve spent most of my time the Western part.   This will be my first time in Eastern and Central Europe.   Several countries on our itinerary were once part of the former Soviet bloc.    This includes  stops in Hungary, Slovenia and Czechoslovakia.

As a little girl I remember watching news reports and seeing the pained expressions on the the sad faces of Czechs as they stood in public squares watching the Soviets invade Prague.    I’ve pinpointed one specific location in downtown Prague.  I feel the need to go there, stand there.

And there’s Poland, too.

My hometown was close to Panna Maria, the oldest Polish settlement in the US.    As a result, I grew up with with kids whose last names were really nothing but a lengthy succession of consonants.    Poland is quite pretty I hear.    The people are warm and friendly, despite a cruel past.    They dealt with Hitler, the  Soviets, Crimeans, Mongols and the Turks.  Now, they have a tremendous economy and a very unified people

Total solidarity.

Guess they finally learned to spell the word correctly.


Wszystkie żarty na bok .... Uważaj na Polskę, nadchodzimy

More, later.

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