Roseanne, Roseanne, Roseanne



You have always been a little weird and now you’re just kind of well……dumb.   And it’s costing you dearly .

You spent a long Memorial weekend Twittering away your future and that of so many of your cast mates on a show that after its extremely successful reboot season, had a zillion possibilities.

ABC cancelled your show…and rightfully so….saying that your repugnant racist  tweets don’t represent the network or its affiliates, it’s advertisers,  studio parking lot attendants,  i s gaffers, craft services staff…anyone and everyone.   And not only has your reboot been cancelled, Entertainment Weekly says  Hulu has joined Viacom and its channels in pulling ALL Roseanne reruns.  That means the Paramount Network, TV Land, and CMT will all cease to air reruns of the series, while Hulu confirms it will remove the show from its library.    That will cost you sooooo much, Rosie.    I’m talking  MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars in lucrative residual payments.

Roseanne was  also dropped by her high powered management team, ICM Partners.

The reason?     Her Twitter account which apparently in recent months,  has been all a twitter with extremely inflammatory comments.   Among the most offensive comments made over the long Memorial Day weekend tweets, was about  Valerie Jarrett, a former Senior Advisor in the Obama administration:

               If the Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj

Valerie Jarrett is a Black woman born to American parents in Iran.      This was a reply to a another tweet that accused Jarrett of helping to cover up alleged crimes by the Obama administration.

And it’s been reported that in 2013 she said this about Susan Rice, another woman in Obama’s close inner-circle:

                 Susan Rice is a man with big swinging ape balls,

I can!t even imagine what could have precipated THAT tweet!

My biggest question would be to anyone who might be surprised by her actions, on or off Twitter.   I’d ask them why?  i’d ask them how could this surprise you?      Roseanne Barr has had a vivid history of saying and doing many off-the-wall things:

•  In 1990, she sang the National Anthem…badly…at a baseball game in San  Diego, finishing her performance with spitting on the ground and  grabbing her crotch.

•  She ran for president Barr on the Peace and Freedom Party with anti war activist, Cindy Sheehan (she was the one who camped out near President Bush’s Texas ranch and refused to leave.   It was her way of protesting a son she’d lost in the war that ensued after 9/11).

•. She has said she intends to become the Prine Minister of Israel.

•  She accused several family members of sexually abusing her as a child….then she denied it, then said well, yeah, maybe it did happen, but she was on so many psychotropic drugs at the time, she’s not sure of anything but thinks there must be at least a kernel of truth to  it.

•  She bought a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii and unsuccessfully tried to get an established reality show about it in the process.   A pilot episode ran.   It was an absolute snore fest.

And in 1994, Roseanne announced that she has multiple personality disorder, telling anybody who would listen that it wasn’t easy  easy dealing with switching between “Somebody” and “Nobody”, two of the named personalities the former sitcom queen once claimed she had.   For those you playing the home game, the rest she named Baby, Cindy, Susan, Joey, and Heather.

Wonder which one is the racist Islamophobe?